How Orthodontics Can Actually Improve Your Golf Performance (Yes, Really)

Wait, wait, wait, hear me out first! I haven’t lost my mind, and no the title isn’t a joke. I’m serious guys, like totally and deadly serious. Orthodontics really did improve both my teeth and my golf game. In this post, I’m going to link orthodontics with aesthetics with confidence with sports performance. That’s four items, and three links, so strap on it for a great and unique article.

So let’s start with point number one.

Orthodontics is Aesthetics

This link is of course obvious. Orthodontics is sometimes called cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic dentistry. Despite all the claims about health and yadda yadda yadda, we all know the real reason any of us gets braces; to look good. Anything else is purely secondary, our primary purpose is to simulate the biological fitness marker of well-positioned and straight teeth.

By the way an interesting theory I just read says that our early ancestors actually had very nice and straight teeth. But as we progressed into the agricultural age, sedentary habits set in and resulted in a prevalence of mouth breathing over nasal breathing. Mouth breathing is apparently a bad bad thing, and one of the things it can cause are smaller jaws and thus a mouth that cannot nicely accommodate our full set of teeth. Strange, isn’t it?

Moving on to point number two.

Aesthetics is Confidence

Another obvious one. No matter how much we can kid ourselves about how “looks don’t matter” and how anyone judging others on their looks is shallow, the biological truth is that we are a shallow species. Even when we can recognize this about ourselves and suppress those primal urges, we cannot deny that we still feel them, especially in the form of initial impressions; when the higher brain hasn’t had a chance to fully process the stimulus yet.

We subconsciously realize this. When we judge ourselves as lacking in aesthetics, that same primal brain that recognizes and judges the primal qualities of others also judges ourselves. So we lack that primal confidence; the confidence that comes from aesthetics. This confidence can be replaced by some other (primarily) primal quality such as physical dominance, and social status. Only the enlightened few ever manage to evolve past this stage. And to be honest, chasing primal qualities is fun; we always have to feed the beast within.

Point number three now.

Confidence is Performance

Is there anyone who can reasonably deny this? Has there ever been a successful athlete who wasn’t confident in his or her abilities? And let’s not conflate humbleness with a lack of confidence here, even the most humble successful fighter believes he can and will knock his opponent’s block clean off his shoulders. Also, consider that it is rarer to see a humble successful athlete than a cocky one. Especially the champions; it’s clear that being cocky does not hurt your chances of success.

And why should it? Belief is a powerful thing. I find it almost an oxymoron that a bit of positive self-delusion can be objectively the best course of action. It’s almost a cognitive paradox for me.

Anyway here’s the logical conclusion. To be good at golf, you need to be confident in your abilities. Of course, you have to acquire and constantly work on those abilities in the first place. But still, confidence is just as necessary as ability in order to succeed.

And where can that confidence come from? One source of that confidence can be aesthetics. I don’t know about any studies but I have no doubt that Tiger Woods winning smile played a huge role in his rise to the most famous golfer and pornstar fucker in the world. Especially when contrasted against his beautiful mocha complexion, his teeth really stood out. Like a black Tom Cruise, but not crooked or a midget

I wonder where Tiger Woods got his orthodontic treatment from? I did some research, and apparently he flew all the way to England got the hookup with the best orthodontic centre in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Now I’m thinking of giving it a shot…. Should I?

How Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Golfing Performance

The state of consciousness whereby an individual loses the sense of self-action and they become responsive to instructions given to them is known as hypnosis. Usually, hypnosis is used in therapy to modify and recover memory which might have been suppressed. This type of therapy can be used to improve and enhance performance in sports activities such as golf. Your potential can be fully realized through hypnotizing yourself.

How Hypnotherapy Can Improve Golfing Performance

Confidence and Performance Benefits

The connection between your ability to perform and your inner confidence will significantly help you to excel in your sports activities; this can only be realized if you practice hypnotherapy. Sportsmen engaging in sports like golfing should ensure that they engage in this practice before engaging in a match. This will help the golfer to relax be composed to win the game confidently as well as maintain good health. Your thoughts should be fully engaged in the sporting activities; this will enable you to extemporary excel in golf.

Removing Doubt

Hypnotherapy helps to develop a profound impact on the sporting field however how difficult the sport is. Having doubt is one way of failing in any activity. Doubts affect your ability to realize your full potential; you should avoid the doubts by going through hypnotherapy to stabilize your thoughts during sport. Doubts undermine your potential by increasing your anxiety and hesitation leading to failure in activities such as golfing. You should act faster when you are playing to avoid impending your overall performance.

Body Awareness

Before engaging your body in any activity, you should be physiologically prepared; this helps to improve the general performance during sports. When playing a game and your mind is not yet prepared for the activity, be sure to perform below your actual standards even if the sport is your favorite.

To be fully aware of the type of muscle you need to put to use, hypnosis for golf sport can be a helping guide for you. This will make you focus more on how your body functions and this awareness will make you do better in this game. An individual should combine confidence and body awareness, and you will come out a winner.

Hypnosis for Sports

Through hypnotherapy services, you will overcome your doubt to move a step ahead with heightened awareness and great confidence as you will now work through a subconscious mind. There are so many benefits an individual can earn by using this approach. These are for instance automatic responses and relaxation.

An individual takes time to rest muscles and replenish cell when the body is relaxed. This is the best activity in your golf sport to balance your physical efforts. These make you stand a chance to be able to replenish the body energy and also ease soreness.

An individual will develop automatic responses to enhance fast reaction by the body while playing golf. This is good for golf sporting activity for they can give out such a serious edge. Hypnosis for golf sport is the best approach to give you better results. There are so many hypnotherapists these days, and a lot of golf players have their hypnotherapists who provide consultation services before a golf game starts.

Any sportsman`s mental status is very important in any game. When a player`s mind is calm and focused, the player`s competence will go high because of good mastery. If you are Tiger Woods fan, next time watch keenly you will notice his eyes open wide, and then he will blink twice. This is not because he is not able to see clearly, he is just applying hypnosis as a strategy to win big in the game.

If you are a golf player and you want to get to the winning edge, then hypnosis is the best way to go. Hypnosis helps you stay focused and overcome distractions. It enables you to empty the strategies and moves of your opponent player. Through the power of positive thinking, it enables overcome doubt and mental distractions.

Go ahead and try this technique if you want to win more on golf because it`s effects are fast and visible. It doesn’t matter on the sport a player participates in, whether its rugby, football, handball or engages in a single player sport such as pole vault and golf, hypnosis is all you need to bring in new energy into the game. Over time it has been tested and proved to be working.

The Importance of Getting Proper Nutrition For The Sport of Golf

Golf is a game of skill. An average game of golf is played in approximately 4 hours in a group of 4 golfers. Depending on the players’ skill, it could go up to 6 hours. This amount of time plus being under the grueling heat of the sun would definitely take a toll on the physical stamina and mental focus of a player. It may be a non-contact sport with lesser intensity than other ball games but under this circumstance, golf certainly requires its players to be on top shape as many other athletes.

Although there is no ideal body type for a golfer, they should maintain a low fat level in their physique. Body fat impedes performance by making the body susceptible to fatigue as fat is known for intolerance to heat. In turn, a body that is not in good condition has increased risk to certain injuries.

Proper Training Diet

A player’s success does not rely only on their skill, training and equipment. Maintaining a lean physique is very important to golfers. Below is a list of the vital food groups which players should take into consideration to fuel their bodies.


Water and sports drinks (electrolyte replacement solutions) are needed to replenish the body during long games. As temperature increases, it is crucial for the body to top up the water expended through sweat to maintain their heart rate. Increase in heart rate causes the body to spend more energy and in turn makes the players susceptible to fatigue. Thus, water and fluids are important to a player’s performance and endurance during practice and competitions.


The body uses carbohydrates for energy to match fuel needs to last in a game. There are lots of foods with carbohydrates but not all of them are healthy. Dieticians recommend low glycemic carbohydrates. Examples of carbohydrates that are good for golfers include milk, brown rice, lentils, beans, whole grains, multi grains, fruits, popcorn and potatoes.


Protein is very important for maximum performance in a game. It is the main building blocks of the body. It assists in the function and recovery of the muscles. There are many options for protein which includes chicken, turkey, lean ground beef, seeds, nuts, and soy foods. Vegetables containing protein comprises quinoa, beans, non-fat Greek yogurt, peanut butter and low-fat cottage cheese.

Another modern alternative is the use of whey protein. It serves as a protein supplement because it contains a wide range of essential amino acids which the body is able to absorb quickly. Concentrates may contain 30% to 90% of proteins. It could also come in a variety of flavors for people who may not like the taste of milk. Scientists claimed that whey proteins are particularly high in Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) which helps in stimulating growth in humans. It helps increase overall strength by gaining muscles and losing a significant amount of fat in the body at the same time.

On the other hand, whey is more than just protein. It also has other benefits to the body like improvements in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol levels, asthma and depression. It is even claimed to help treat symptoms of several deadly diseases like HIV and cancer. Apart from all of these, people who are lactose intolerant should be careful with this supplement. Take time to read the labels to see if there are some additives like sugar or other ingredients that one is allergic from.  A good protein comparison site to use is The Protein Investor.

Ideal Pre-Game and In-Game Nutrition

A good pre-game meal consists of foods high in carbohydrates to maximize glycogen stores, low in fat and fiber to facilitate gastric emptying and minimize gastrointestinal distress, and moderate in protein. Proper hydration is also key to last in the game.

Examples of a pre-game meal include whole wheat spaghetti with tomato and meat sauce, chicken sandwich with soup or porridge, and omelets with toast. Snacks could include bananas, nuts, whole wheat bagel and light cream cheese, fruits and yogurt, and cereal with skim milk. Protein shakes and energy bars could also be included in the diet.

What to Avoid

The variety of food choices in the market makes it difficult to pick the right food for a golfer’s diet. It is important to avoid food high in fat, sodium and sugars. Food containing this can give you bursts of energy but has a side effect. Once the effect goes down, it will give you an energy crash right after. Examples of food to avoid are chocolates, hot dogs and soda. Caffeine should be also limited to 1-3 mg to avoid side effects.